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Vacuum Truck & Oilfield Services for Red Deer & Alberta

With over 25 years of experience, you can be assured that Western Vacuum Services 2002 will get the job done — and get it done right the first time. To ensure your productivity, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With our specialty tri-drive vacuum truck, we’ll be there to deliver quality oilfield services, including: cleanups, tank cleaning, land spreading, frac line cleaning, waste hauling, rig work, mud sump services, and much more.

Our services are available to drill rig sites throughout Alberta, including Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, Olds, and other areas. For a service quote, call Western Vacuum Services 2002 today!

Oilfield Waste Hauling

Whether it’s oil, dirty water, mud, contaminated soil, or sand, we can handle all of your oilfield waste hauling needs.

Frac Line Cleaning

Keep your hydraulic fracturing operation as productive as possible with the frac line cleaning services of Western Vacuum Services 2002.

Land Spreading

Many times, non-contaminated drilling mud can find a secondary use on properties, fields, and farms. Why send it to the landfill when it can be put to good use?

Tank Cleaning

Our team completes thorough cleanings of oil tanks, frac tanks, drilling rig tanks, service tanks, and mud tanks. It gets pretty messy out there — Western Vacuum Services 2002 can help.

Site Cleanups

If it’s something on the ground that shouldn’t be there, the team at Western Vacuum Services 2002 can provide a complete cleanup of the site. Our typical site cleanups are for diesel fuel spills, oils, and other common oilfield liquids.

Mud Sumps

Keep your vehicles and equipment in tip-top shape with our mud sump services. These are available in small to large sizes.

Rig Work

Western Vacuum Services 2002 cleans out mud tanks for oilfields throughout Alberta. We will pump out the cuttings, rocks, and mud that can slow down your operation.

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