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Putting Safety & the Environment First in Alberta

At Western Vacuum Services 2002, we know there’s more to “a job well done” than just the bottom line. We understand that our team and customers share a commitment to protect our fellow neighbours, workers, and delicate ecosystems.


We’re serious about safety. That’s why we’ve partnered with companies such as ComplyWorks®, Enform, ISNetworld®, and the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). These associations help ensure our operators have the training and certifications they need to safely perform their duties.

In addition to our own, we will maintain and follow your safety policies, as well as:

Enforce Regulatory & Safety Rules

Conduct Regular Inspections of Equipment

Inspect the Job Site

Promote Safety Awareness

Investigate & Address all Incidents

Quickly Correct Unsafe Practices & Conditions



Western Vacuum Services 2002 invests a significant portion of time and human capital into maintaining environmentally-smart safety practices. With 24 hour cleanup services, we are well-equipped to handle a majority of environmental emergencies you may encounter on the oilfield.


Together, we can make a safer Alberta for many generations to come. To learn more about our policies on safety and the environment contact Western Vacuum Services 2002.

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